Become a DRO Intermediary

Who can apply?

Only IMA members can apply to the IMA to become a DRO intermediary and you will need to have your membership number available.


The Insolvency Service has published statutory requirements which must be satisfied before an applicant can be approved.

For example, intermediaries will need to

  • not be subject to a Bankruptcy or a Bankruptcy Restriction Order,
  • able to prove their identity,
  • have the correct FCA permissions for the work they do (unless exempt) and appropriate indemnity insurance, and
  • be suitably trained and experienced.


How to apply

The IMA application process aims to ensure that these requirements are satisfied. As part of the application process, the IMA applies its own assessment criteria to measure elements such as experience, training and competence of applicants.

If you are an IMA member and wish to apply to become a DRO intermediary, click on the link below to find out more about our application process and to make your application.

IMA DRO Intermediary application process