In order for your training to be MAS accredited and count towards the MAS Quality Standards Framework, we need to test your understanding.

Following each face to face training session, you will need to take a multiple choice online test to demonstrate your learning.

The diagram below outlines the process. If you have any special requirements or concerns, please contact to discuss your needs.

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Where do I take the test?

It’s an online test. After the training session, we will email you a link to the test. You complete the questions online by selecting the correct answers.

You would normally take it on a computer at your workplace, but you could equally take it at home provided you have your passcode (see below) and course materials with you.

You can have your notes with you, but you must not discuss or share the questions or answers, or seek help from anyone else.

You can use any PC but you’ll need to be connected to the internet all the way through. You can use any adaptations to your computer that you normally need, such as screen readers or joysticks.

Who is the assessment contact?

We issue a personal passcode that you need to enter when you take the test. We send it to someone who knows you and who can vouch for your identity. This is how we prevent anyone cheating or using up your test attempt.

You tell us to whom you would like the passcode sent. It is usually your line manager or training manager, but if that is difficult we can send it to anyone who knows you personally and meets the following criteria:

1 They need to have a private email address which is not shared with other people.

2 They need to be one of the following:

  • director/manager of a VAT-registered charity, for example your manager at a CAB or a CAB trustee
  • councillor or local government officer, for example your manager at a local authority
  • director/manager/personnel officer of a VAT-registered company, for example your manager or HR staff at a debt management company
  • manager/personnel officer of a limited company
  • solicitor or barrister

Make sure they will be available to give you your passcode when you plan to take the test.

When do I take the test?

A link to access the test is sent out after the training session. The test is available for 1 month and you can log on and attempt it at any time within that month.

You have to finish the test in one sitting (you cannot log back in later), but you can take as long as you want to complete your sitting.

We recommend you take the test during our opening hours (weekdays, 9am-5pm) in case you need to report a problem.

Make sure you take the test at a time when your assessment contact is available to give you your passcode.

You might want to choose a time when the surroundings are quieter.

What if I don’t take the test?

If you don’t take the test and pass it, your training will not be MAS accredited and will not count towards MAS quality audits for your organisation.

You do not have to sit the test if you do not need MAS accredited training, but if you change your mind later you will have lost one of your attempts.

What if the test doesn’t work?

Before the test, we’ll send you a link to some practice questions, so that you can check the system works on your computer and get used to the style of questions and instructions. There are no results from the practice questions- they are just for you to identify any computer problems in advance.

If there’s an unexpected technical problem during the test, show your assessment contact so they can confirm the issue to us. Then call the IMA. We can’t resolve your technical issues but we may be able to give you a second chance at the test.

Is my test marked by a computer?

Your test will be marked and checked by IMA staff.

What kind of results will I get?

You will be issued with a pass or fail result. If we can without giving away the answers, we’ll also send you feedback on which sections you need to go back and work on.

Results are not instant. The tests will all be marked together after the 1-month test window for the whole group closes.

Please note: for most levels of the MAS quality framework, there is more than one training course required. You will have to pass the tests for all the required courses before your training counts as accredited for that level.

If you:

  • did not sign in at the training session
  • did not enter your test passcode into the test
  • are accused of malpractice
  • did not provide acceptable evidence of pre requisites

You will not receive a test result and the training will not be MAS accredited.

What if I fail?

If you fail a test, you can re-sit once.

However, this is likely to be when the next group takes the test, which could be several months on.  If you need a re-sit more urgently, contact the office and we may be able to arrange one earlier.

If you don’t sit the test after the training, this counts as failing your first attempt, so you will only have one further chance if you change your mind later.

Can I take the test without going on the training?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to take a test without attending the training, even if you’ve been on similar training before. We have to make sure you’ve been taught everything on the new framework, which may not have been included in previous courses.