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Bankruptcy: The Tricky Bits

Charging Orders

Coping with Council Tax: Essential Knowledge and Expert Tips

Deficit Budgets

DRO Practice and Procedures

FCA Compliance and Quality of Advice

High Court Enforcement

Managing Cases and Caseloads

Mortgage Possession Proceedings: preventing homelessness

Preparing Cases for Court

Rent Possession Proceedings: Defences and Tactics

Square Peg Debts

Supervising Money Advice

Vulnerability, Mental Health and Debt

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Upcoming courses

Bankruptcy: The Tricky BitsSpecialist/ CaseworkerOne day

Newcastle (15 Jan 2019)

Nottingham (5 Mar 2019)

15 Jan 2019

5 Mar 2019

Charging OrdersSpecialistOne day

Manchester (22 Jan 2019)

22 Jan 2019

Coping with Council Tax: Essential Knowledge and Expert TipsSpecialist/ CaseworkerOne day

Portsmouth (20 Mar 2019)

20 Mar 2019

Deficit BudgetsAllOne day

London (28 Feb 2019)

28 Feb 2019

DRO Practice and ProceduresCaseworkerOne day

Birmingham (17 Jan 2019)

17 Jan 2019

FCA Compliance and Quality of AdviceAllOne day

Liverpool (12 Feb 2019)

12 Feb 2019

High Court EnforcementSpecialist/ CaseworkerOne day

Manchester (1 Feb 2019)

Newcastle (12 Mar 2019)

1 Feb 2019

12 Mar 2019

Managing Cases and CaseloadsMAS frameworkOne day

Manchester (26 Mar 2019)

26 Mar 2019

Mortgage Possession Proceedings: preventing homelessnessSpecialistOne day

London (11 Jan 2019)

Birmingham (21 Mar 2019)

11 Jan 2019

21 Mar 2019

Preparing Cases for CourtMAS frameworkOne day

Cardiff (15 Mar 2019)

15 Mar 2019

Rent Possession Proceedings: Defences and TacticsSpecialistOne day

Newcastle (8 Feb 2019)

8 Feb 2019

Square Peg DebtsAllOne day

Birmingham (7 Mar 2019)

7 Mar 2019

Supervising Money AdviceMAS frameworkOne day

Bristol (30 Jan 2019)

Sheffield (14 Mar 2019)

30 Jan 2019

14 Mar 2019

Vulnerability, Mental Health and DebtSpecialistOne day

York (6 Feb 2019)

6 Feb 2019