Accreditation for money advisers

What is accreditation?

For the IMA, accreditation is a system that allows individuals to be formally approved as having the competence to deliver a given service.

We believe that this is not solely the responsibility of the individual. Ideally, organisational and individual standards should complement one another with individual skills, knowledge and activities aligned with organisational principles, policies and practices.

The IMA accreditation scheme

Our adviser accreditation scheme incorporates

a qualification, The Certificate in Money Advice Practice,
a Continuing Professional Development Scheme, and
a Professional Code of Conduct.

How does this benefit employers?

The qualification is an independent indicator of competence which establishes a benchmark for service and individual standards. The scheme promotes consistency of quality advice across all types of employers and services. External validation of staff expertise indicates quality to service users, regulators, and employees.

How does this benefit employees?

Accreditation is recognition of money advice as a skilled profession, enabling individuals to take a proactive role in their own professional development. It provides independent evidence of practitioners’ key skills and can be used to demonstrate expertise to employers, creditors and clients. It gives individuals confidence that they are working to best practice standards and supports them in presenting a professional image.

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