Chauntelle’s July pick of the blogs

By chauntelle.wright in on Jul 19, 2019

Chauntelle’s pick of the blogs.

Hello All,

It’s been a bumper month for blogs. This month my favourite read was from Sara at Debt Camel:

In her usual plain English practical style, Sara has provided a blog piece that is an incredibly detailed step-by-step guide to making a complaint to a creditor on the basis of affordability. A template letter is provided and Sara describes that in some cases a Subject Access Request (SAR) may assist in providing a more detailed explanation for the basis of a complaint.

The article explains what a SAR is, how to make a request to a creditor and what information should be provided. She then goes on to explain how to organise the information that has been provided in order to pull the most pertinent evidence that you have been sent, and helps to identify what data may be missing or inaccurate.

Read the full article here:

In other blogs:

Continuing the theme of complaints to creditors, Martin Lewis has highlighted the looming deadline for payment protection insurance (PPI) mis-selling claims in his recent blog. (Deadline 29 August!) However, on a variation to the theme, Martin considers those claims that are still outstanding for people who have died before being able to re-claim mis-sold PPI.

Martin provides a reclaiming tool and guide and explains that any mis-sold PPI refund owed by creditors forms part of a deceased’s estate. The executor / administrator of the estate can make the claim on behalf of the estate but claims must be started before the August deadline.–how-to-urgently-reclaim-ppi-for-a-deceased-relativ/

Did any of you catch the Radio 4 Moneybox programme featuring the story of the student who took out an HP agreement to buy an 16k Audi? I didn’t catch the programme but saw the resulting Twitter storm that the story generated; with everyone having an opinion. Many people commented that although still a student, at 23 years old, how could someone not know that this purchase was ill-advised.

In a blog featured on The Car Expert, Stuart Masson argues that some responsibility must be borne by the car dealerships and the rules around affordability need to be tightened by the industry before the FCA does it for them.

Other interesting blogs this month include:

Z2K – Issues for people moving from DLA to PIP

Money Advice Trust –

Toynbee Hall –

Have you read any good blogs recently? Let us know in our discussion forum. More blogs next month.

In other news

Many advisers have told me that they have found the various examples of confirmation of advice letters very interesting, and useful in understanding what information need to be included. They have asked if there are any more templates that can be shared?  Do you have any good letter templates that you could share? An example may be a s13A letter that you have had success with in helping clients with council tax debt. Join in the discussion and maybe share your letter too. It’s good to share.


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