Training levels

The diagram below outlines the training levels offered by the IMA and how our various courses fit into these:

course diagram v3
Arrows show the development of topics covered in an earlier course. Green colouring indicates courses accredited by MAS against their individual quality standards framework: click here for further details. (Blocks are laid out to show development of subject material and are not intended to reflect the sizes of courses.)

Level descriptions

IntroductoryIntroducing the role of generalist money advisers and/or developing foundational skills and knowledge for beginning to give advice:
• How debt problems affect clients and exploring financial circumstances
• Prioritisation of debts, choosing solutions and their basic implications
• Introduction to processes and procedures in money advice, enforcement and court
CaseworkerDeveloping the skills and knowledge of generalist money advisers:
• Dealing satisfactorily with the majority of debt problems
• Undisputed and undefended cases, basic participation in court action
• Overview of money advice law, but not expected for use in creditor negotiations or in court
Specialist Developing the skills and knowledge of caseworker money advisers:
• Dealing with more complex cases
• Maintaining an up-to-date and thorough knowledge of case law, legislation, and codes of practice, guiding and assisting clients in disputed cases
• Helping others develop money advice skills
• Identifying when to refer clients to an external source of information, e.g. legal professional
AdvancedAdvanced training standards have not been agreed. However, as a guide, the IMA suggests this level is aimed at the most experienced money advisers who are commonly providing consultancy and/or training to colleagues

Some IMA training is accredited by Money Advice Service against their individual quality framework. These courses are not assigned a level from the table above. Instead, we simply tell you which activity sets of the MAS framework they correspond with. For more information about the framework and our MAS-accredited training, please follow this link: Money Advice Service accreditation