Our Partners and Associates

Advice NI – www.adviceni.net

Advice NI is a free to the client and independent advice service in Northern Ireland. Advice NI provides training and support to advisers, as well as working in partnership with the IMA to ensure that the Certificate of Money Advice Practice is suitable for advisers in Northern Ireland.

Money Advice Scotland – www.moneyadvicescotland.org.uk

Money Advice Scotland is the umbrella organisation which represents and supports individuals and agencies involved in all areas of money advice in Scotland. The IMA has worked in partnership with Money Advice Scotland to create a Scottish version of the Certificate in Money Advice Practice.

Money Advice Trust – www.moneyadvicetrust.org

Money Advice Trust is a charity organisation which delivers direct support to those in debt, comprising National Debtline, Business Debtline and My Money Steps. In addition to this, MAT provides support to advisers in the form of the well renowned wiseradviser training programme and the development of the Common Financial Statement. The IMA has worked in partnership with MAT to deliver a series of training workshops under the wiseradviser banner.

Staffordshire University – www.staffs.ac.uk

Staffordshire University is a higher education institution, with well-established qualifications in legal advice. The Advice Studies department is made up of staff, all of whom have a background in the not-for-profit advice sector. The IMA has worked in partnership with the university to produce the Certificate in Money Advice Practice and continues to support the university in the development of their master’s level degree in Social Welfare Law, Policy and Advice Practice.

DEMSA – www.demsa.co.uk

DEMSA was established in December 2000 in order to promote good practice in the debt management industry and to protect the interests of the public and the lenders to whom they owe money. Membership of DEMSA is reliant upon debt management companies being able to demonstrate that they comply with the standards set out in the DEMSA Code of Conduct. The IMA has worked in partnership with DEMSA to develop a version of the Certificate in Money Advice Practice which is suitable for advisers working in fee-charging companies.