Our work

The Institute is always looking for ways of supporting its members, driving up quality and promoting the provision of free debt advice in order to reduce personal debt and poverty. So, in addition to training and qualifications, the IMA’s other key work includes:

Debt Relief Orders

We have been approved by the Secretary of State as a competent authority, enabling us to assess and authorise skilled money advisers as DRO intermediaries. 

Quarterly Account

The IMA’s Quarterly Account is the professional journal for money advisers. 

Quarterly Account Archive

Because Quarterly Account is used by money advisers as a technical reference on everything from legislation to evolving case law, we have developed a new archive which will help our members to easily find and access references to the information they need.

Social Policy

One of the Institute’s objectives is to influence policy and practice relating to personal finance. The focus of our social policy work is around the issues facing money advisers.