Training and Money Advice Service Accreditation

Set to become the accepted quality standard for the sector, the Money Advice Service individual quality framework breaks down debt advice work into 6 groups of skills and experience called debt activity sets. Our accredited training pathway has been endorsed by Money Advice Service as covering these activity sets. IMA training is now available for every activity set, as outlined in the training pathway below.

Each session will involve our regular 1- or 2-day face-to-face training, plus you’ll need to pass a multiple choice afterwards to prove your learning. We provide the tests, and you take them online at your workplace up to a month after the session (click here for more details on the assessment).

If your organisation holds a MAS-accredited standard, you’ll need to demonstrate accredited training during your audits.

Because the training is designed as a pathway, each level builds on the one before. So as you progress down the chart, you will find the earlier courses become pre-requisites for the later ones. For example, if you want to meet the standard for Supervision, you’ll also need to have done steps 1 to 4 up to Casework / Specialist. If you haven’t successfully completed the pre-requisites with the IMA, including the tests, you’ll need to show you’ve met the requirements with another provider- we’ll guide you through the other training and qualifications we accept. For full details of the courses and pre-requisites, click here.


pathway PPT v3



Is there another way?

Alternatively you can apply to study the IMA’s Certificate in Money Advice Practice. This is currently the only qualification available that meets the quality standards of the Money Advice Service, and successfully completing the qualification from October 2014  onwards will cover the first four activity sets (up to Casework / Specialist). For more details of the qualification, click here.

What if I already have accredited training  or qualifications for some debt activity sets?

Other providers are offering accredited training and qualifications as well as the IMA. (You can see a list of other accredited programmes on the MAS website here.)

You can use these qualifications and training as pre-requisites instead of ours as long as they are at the right level and you can prove you have passed their assessments (for example, by providing a certificate).

MAS have developed a process for demonstrating the knowledge you have already gained in training and qualifications that pre-date this accreditation scheme. See this page for more details.